Fall 2018 - 6 Weeks
Parametric Product Modeling with professor Kevin Shankwiler
Created with Michael Armstrong​​​​​​​

CHALLENGE: Create a parametric pull toy for an adult with four distinct configurations. Manufacture one of those four using a CNC router.

MY ROLE: Concept development, CAD modeling, photography and renders.

Tools and techniques used include parametric modeling in Fusion 360, rendering in Keyshot, and photo editing in Photoshop.
Why a horseshoe crab?

Horseshoe crabs are really cool critters, but also make for a ridiculous seven-foot pull toy.
Four moods

We were asked to make configurations for each of four moods: aggressive, cautious, chill, and oblivious. These had to affect the way a rider sat on our toy, and how the toy itself was shaped. Here's how I interpreted those moods:
Mass Customization

One of the awesome things about parametric modeling is how you can use it for mass customization: easily and cheaply producing things at a large scale that are still customized for each individual purchaser. We incorporated this by making the size of the crab's "head" related to a person's height. The overall length stays the same for easier manufacturing & transportation.

Examples for shorter and taller persons.

The model we made (we call him Harry) is Cautious and fits a 5'4" person perfectly.

Harry and friends, from left to right: airplane, biplane, hedgehog, sailboat, Harry, lion, and squid.

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